Sportsmanship This paper takes a brief look at the quality of sportsmanship in the contemporary world. 2012, 242 words, 0 source(s). More Free Term Papers: Stalin A discussion of the Russian leader Josef Stalin and whether the Russian people and Russian society benefited from his rule. Star Trek - The Next Generation" A personal story written for the television series "Star Trek - The Next Generation". Star Wars A review of "Star Wars : X-Wing Rogue Squadron" by Michael A. Stackpole. Term Papers on "Sportsmanship" Sports are an involved part in today's society. The ways that the athletes act are an important part in the playing of sports. Sportsmanship is found in every single sport there is. Whether it is professional football or the local little league, players on each team should have a certain respect for the other team. Yet, many people still question the ethics of professional sports. Do these men and women who get paid for their talent still have respect for themselves, the fans, and the opposing team? Sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey are prime examples of how some athletes display their sportsmanship. These signs of bad sportsmanship are sometimes fighting or acting irrational just because the team lost the game, missed a catch or block, dropped the ball, or simply not doing better than they thought.

Many times you can hear or read such events in the paper or on television. Dennis Rodman is an excellent example of bad sportsmanship. People like him can leave an influence on young sports athletes. People should learn about good sportsmanship, not the bad which the media find important to us. As people learn about how bad sportsmanship is in sports, the players will realize this. To the players this means they will concentrate more on playing their best, not trying to be someone they are not. In addition, it will allow athletes to feel better and more proud of what they are.

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