Godand Man

Godand Man This paper discusses faith and the existence of God. 2012, 625 words, 0 source(s). More Free Term Papers: Godzilla A short story about an attack on the Japanese by Godzilla. Golda Meir A discussion of the Israeli prime minister, Golda Meir, through a review of the biography written by Karen McAuley. Golding's Reality: Fact or Fiction A paper which explores the recurring theme in William Golding's novel, "Lord of the Flies" that man is savage at heart and ultimately revers back to evil and a primitive nature. Term Papers on "Godand Man" The truth behind the exsisitince of god. As a flesh and blood we seem to aspire to be ultitmley immortal, we have created stories guidelines ways in which we our able to become immortal. Christins call it jesus others call it alla or buddua. Does this make one better then the other or is just a set of rules that we all follow just so mankind can prosper. Is faith a trait that is leared or is it a proptey that we our all born with the ability to belive. The questions we have this is a trait the abilitty to reason is a trait, but what scares us so terribly bad is whaen we cant answer a question.

We study we learn but the idea that many of us have not leared is that faith is not imortality or heaven or hell but our faith in ourselves and faith in our fellow man. What scares me so bad is the fact that many people hide in this world of god. God is what created us what made us it is what we must ultitmley answer to. We answer as not flesh and blood but as a spirit we choose long before our mortal body goes where we go. We leave behind our bodys and enter into a realm to which we cannot comphrend. Our minds well never allow us to comprhend immortality but our souls can that is faith.

This faith belongs to no clan of self righteous humn being that think that becuse there rules that they follow our better then another. Se the truth is god does not have a check list of whos good and whos bad but rather he make the decision we have morals or as some calit a concous. This world is about the first stepping stone that we take this is a test can you live in an imperfect world and handle without cheating your fellow man. This is faith in yourself this life. God gave us life it is our choice wether we use it to its follow view or we cash in early and take the easy way out. Is a gamble much like a stock in a company we own our own stock we have a value this is a value that we place.

The question that you must ask yourself what value is yours. Our you a sellout our you willing to give up everything you have for an easy buck or our you willing to ride the rollercoaster of life following it rules so you can exsisit. Lifes a bitch if it was easy it wouldnt be called life. The sad thing many people die long before life arrives, this makes them droids they have no proupose spending there whole lives searching for this life with a died green piece of paper, some call it greed some call it evil but the truth is sellout. We can tell a thousand stories to try to belive in god, we can search to the four corners of the earth find the grale find the ark but we well not find god, we may see the devil in a million forms we may see evil in every corner but we must stop looking from the outside and look inside for that is the peace we all need. Becuse you belive in a certain way god exsisits in this form or that that is sick for our feeble attempt at comphrend our true exsisitance is nothing but our fear of death.

Life is death but faith is our soul, for once look to the inside not inside your flesh but inside your and there is were every answer ever asked can be answred all but a simple truth, faith.

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