Othello – Iago hates the Moor. txt

Othello - Iago hates the Moor. txt A study of Shakespeare's play "Othello" and the character Iago's hatred of the Moor. 2012, 560 words, 0 source(s). More Free Term Papers: Othello and King Lear: A Comparison A comparative study of two of Shakespeare's works, Othello and King Lear. Our Living Shield: The First Amendment A paper which discusses the First Amendment and how the Supreme Court interprets it. Outcomes Based Education This paper discusses Outcomes Based Education (OBE), a new approach to education that measuries what students can do, rather than what they understand. Term Papers on "Othello - Iago hates the Moor. txt" " Iago has a large appetite for revenge. In his perspective, he believes that it is he who should be in charge, not Othello the moor. This creates an anger in Iago, who entraps Othello in a web of deceit. He does this through a series of suggestions and hesitations that entice and implant images in Othello's head that lead to his demise. But what is more important is that he gives Othello the motive to murder innocent Desdemona. Iago is constantly like a puppet master, pulling the strings of the people around him. There are many instances in the play where Iago is left by himself.

He utilizes these opportunities by telling his future plans to the audience. It would seen that he likes talking to himself about himself, which suggests he has much inner turmoil that he harbors close to his chest, but when the opportunity arises, he describes his deeds with a passion. In the first of these monologues, he makes his intentions perfectly clear. He implies that Othello has had an affair with his wife by stating "I hate the moor, And it is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets He's done my office". The irony of this statement is that in the next line he says that he does not know it for a fact, but because he suspects it, he will act as if for certain! This gives me the impression from the beginning, that Iago is insane and exceedingly paranoid, going so far as to set up a cache of murders, just on the suspicion of adultery. Iago was also jealous of the open and loving relationship that Othello had.

When Othello and Desdemona are reunited after the journey to Cyprus, he kisses her in full view of everyone. Iago treats his wife as an object and she knows it. In Act three, Scene four, she tells Desdemona "They are but stomachs, we are but food, and when they are full, they belch us". In Iagos' racist mind, he views his superior, Othello, as being of an inferior creed.

He sees him as possessing an evil mind and soul, and having no right to marry the very white and very naive Desdemona. He does not even think of Othello as a human being, but as an animal. This can be seen when he shouts to Brabantio "An old black ram is tupping your white ewe...you'll have your nephews neigh to you; you'll have coursers for cousins, and jennets for germans". Iago also has a hatred of Cassio, who was given the promotion that Iago thought of as his own. To get his retribution, he envelopes Cassio in his vengeance plot so that he can receive the title of lieutenant after his disgrace. Iago is a very cunning man.

He plays the characters in the story like a game of chess. He uses his various pawns to do the dirty work so as to destroy the general and his wife. The worst of these is when he tells Emilia to steal the handkerchief, because when she finds out what it was used for, she feels responsible for Desdemona's death. From scene to scene he is always in the company of a different person, spreading his lies further and further. He acts as a noble person, and everyone thinks of Iago as their ally. He uses every opportunity possible to create a feeling of distrust, so that everyone is paranoid. Being a master of deception, this was not difficult.

He manages to operate successfully, until Emilia his wife, unravels his sinister plan but it is already too late, as Desdemona is dead and Iago has gained his revenge from Othello. "

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