Physical education and fair play guidelines

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND FAIR PLAY GUIDELINES. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND FAIR PLAY GUIDELINES.  Term Paper ID:30305 Buy This Paper Essay Subject: Discusses growth of bad behaviors in spots arenas.... 9 Pages / 2025 Words 9 sources, 20 Citations, APA Format 36.00 Paper Abstract: Discusses growth of bad bahaviors in spots arenas.

Behavioral decline due to moral decay in society. Concept of fair play. Importance of fair play in physical education curriculum to instill positive character traits in students. Elements of fair play (honesty, respect).

Impact of "must win" concept.Paper Introduction: APPLICATION OF FAIR PLAY GUIDELINES IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Introduction Over the past three decades, once abnormal and abhorred behaviours have become the norm in sports arenas —- both on the field and in the stands —- in many parts of the world. Some observers attribute the behavioural decline to the democratisation of sport wherein control over games passed to lower social orders (Butcher & Schneider, 1998), while others attribute behavioural deterioration in sports to moral decay in the broader society (Peiser, 1995). An argument stemming from the first explanation is that reprehensible behaviour spreads from commercial athletes (it is the utmost foolishness to refer to such athletes as professionals) to young people in schools as school athletes atte .

(Eds.). The remainder of this paper addresses theissue of applying fair play guidelines in physical education. According to Telama, Heikkala,& Laakso (1995), the majority of 1 - to-16 year old... Gibbons, S.

33). The application offair play guidelines in physical education is an effective means initiatingdesired behavioural changes.

This approach differentiates between sport and athletics, e. g.

, sport is play, while athletics involves a contest. Butcher, R.

, & Schneider, A. Such "fair fouls" differ, according to this line of argument, from behaviours intended to harm an opponent (such as head butting). (p. This is the approach supported by Butcher and Schneider (1998). Within the contest of this approach, a rule breaker cannot win the contest.

The system developed for the application of fair playguidelines involves giving equal weight to athletic performance and fairplay. Theelements of fair play are as follows (Canadian Commission for Fair Play,199 ): > Honesty, straightforwardness, and a firm and dignified attitude when others do not play fairly; > Respect for team members; > Respect for opponents, whether they are winning or losing, stemming from an awareness that an opponent is a necessary partner in sport, to whom one is bound by companionship in sport; > Respect for the officials, which is displayed through positive efforts to cooperate with them at all times.

Physical education and sport: Changes and challenges. > Fair Play as a Contract or Agreement. (2 , March). (Eds.

). (1995). Motivation for fairness in sports: Psychologicalconsiderations as a basis for pedagogical consequences.

(p. Rather, the definition of fair play is anything that is not unfair, e. g., whatever does not impinge on the rules of the contest.

(2 , February). Fair play for kids: A resource manual.

Ottawa, Ontario: Commission for Fair Play Committee on Sports Medicine & Fitness, 1999-2 , American Academy ofPediatrics. The readiness to break the rules, to resort to unfair behaviour, or to be aggressive increases with age. In Doll-Tepper, G.

, & Brettschneider, W-D. The Committee on Sports Medicine & Fitness of the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics found that the implementation of fair play guidelinesin ice hockey games as a part of physical education found that: When the fair-play and regular rules portions of the tournament were compared, the injury rate was 4 times higher during the regular rules portion of the tournament.

Specifically, activities highlighting fair play in physical education alone or in a combination of physical education and academic classrooms were just as effective in implementing significant changes in judgment, reason, intention, and behaviour. This approach is legalistic in character (Butcher and Schneider, 1998). (Eds.). Pediatrics, 1 5(3), 657-658. 34) As stated above, fair play guidelines reward good behaviour and punishbad behaviour.

InDoll-Tepper, G., & Brettschneider, W-D. Application of Fair Play Guidelines in Physical Education Introduction Over the past three decades, once abnormal and abhorred behaviourshave become the norm in sports arenas -- both on the field and in thestands -- in many parts of the world. This approach emphasises being true to the spirit of the rules as opposed to being true to the letter of the rules (Butcher & Schneider, 1998).

. Game reasoning andstrategic thinking in sport: Attitudes among young people toward rules. 657) Conclusion The deterioration of behaviour in sports and athletics dictates theimplementation of programs to reverse the situation. Can moral development be promoted inphysical education? F. An argument stemming from the second explanation is thatbehaviours on commercial sports fields and in the stands of the sportsarenas are simply extensions of the social learning that occurs in schoolsand society generally.

Fair play as respect for thegame. The concluded that theresearch results suggest that an understanding of moral issues in the physical domain may be effectively addressed in classes inside or outside the gymnasium. 259) Fair play guidelines are protocols that reward good behaviour andpunish bad behaviour in games.

Fortunately, over time, most participants and administrators come to realize the educational and developmental value of this program. There are no instances of any behaviour resembling a lack of respect for the opponents, the officials, the opposing coaches, or the integrity of the game.

Butcher and Schneider (1998) identified fiveapproaches to determining the meaning of fair play. Safety in youth ice hockey: The effects of bodychecking. Getting beyond winning and losing in determining the... References Butler, L. 245-251 Silverman, S.

(1995). (p. Telama, R., Heikkala, J.

, & Laakso, L. athletes are inclined to observe the rules and the ideal of fair play, but the number of young athletes who are ready to resort to transgression against the rules and foul play is also large. Sports and moral education: Fair plan andaggression in physical education. (1998, May).

Depending on how competitive sports programs are conducted, they can either teach students to lie, cheat, and steal, or they can promote positive behaviours. The alternative explanations and implications are important becauseone's perception of the issue influences the solution approaches one willpropose and that one will support. An argument stemming from the first explanation is that reprehensiblebehaviour spreads from commercial athletes (it is the utmost foolishness torefer to such athletes as professionals) to young people in schools asschool athletes attempt to imitate the behaviours of the commercialathletes.

The proponents of this approach appear to believe that some rules of the game exist only to be broken as a part of a game strategy. A major problem, however, is the concept of the "fair foul" or the "professional foul" (Butcher & Schneider, 1998). The focus in play is one the activity, while the focus in a contest is on victory (Butcher & Schneider, 1998). Butler (2 ) observed that, while character development, "sportsmanship, and fair play ideals have longbeen lauded by educators, coaches, parents, and administrators as desiredoutcomes of competitive sports programs," fair play principles rarely ifever are included in the paradigm of commercial athletics and sports, wherethe behaviours of participants "occasionally border on the criminal" (p.33). Physical education is an ideal venue forthe application of fair play guidelines.

In Doll-Tepper, G.,& Brettschneider, W-D.

Aachen, Germany: Meyer & Meyer Verlag, pp. Gabler, H. Fighting, punching, kicking, throwing, or directing profanity at the officials, opposing players, or opposing coach.

Physical education andsport: Changes and challenges. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 66(3), 247-255.

The principal objection raised to this approach is that it does not define fair play directly. (1995, September). (p. Thus, a superior athletic performance might not be a victoriousperformance if a substandard fair play score accompanies that performance. The fair play guidelines define good behaviour, below average behaviour, and unacceptable behaviour as follows (Butler, 2 ): > Good Behaviour.

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