Gender diversity in the nursing workplace

GENDER DIVERSITY IN THE NURSING WORKPLACE. GENDER DIVERSITY IN THE NURSING WORKPLACE.  Term Paper ID:30178 Essay Subject: Gender gap in modern American nursing.... 7 Pages / 1575 Words 15 sources, 18 Citations, APA Format 28.00 Paper Abstract: Gender gap in modern American nursing. Brief history of female-dominated nursing profession.

Condition of nurses as having more responsibility than authority over health-care protocals. Complaints of male nurses regarding gender discrimination. Nursing career options.

Contends a future diverse clientele would benefit from both male & female nurses.Paper Introduction: This research examines gender diversity in the nursing workplace. The plan of the research will be to set forth the context in which diversity has arisen as a salient feature of the nursing profession and principles of nursing practice that are relevant to the issue, and then to discuss ways in which diversity of the nursing work force--in particular gender diversity--has an impact on the substance and form of nursing practice, with a view toward forecasting possible lines of professional development.

At a time when patient access to institutional health care may be limited by the protocols of managed care, adherence to physicians’ instructions, which are often mediated by nurses, are essential. Yet according to the American Nurses Foundation, minorities account for more than 27% of the American minority patie Nothing about the AAMN suggests that it intends to devalue thepresence of women in nursing, though it does seek to limit discriminationagainst men in the field. Before the pioneering work of Florence Nightingale inEngland and the Crimea the mid-19th century, nursing was exclusively a maleprofession, and in the US male nurses were far more common in Civil Warbattlefield venues than females were. Nursing Spectrum CareerFitness Online.

(2 1). Dunne, G. But the BBC reported in 1998 thatin Britain, where male nurses make up only 7% of all nurses, male nurses, even those with fewer qualifications and less experience, were more likelyto be promoted along the institutional career ladder faster than women(BBC, 1998).

As a group nurses have more responsibility than authority overhealth-care protocols (Cullen, 1995). Retrieved from the World Wide Web 17 September 2 1, athttp://nsweb. nursingspectrum. com/cfforms/meninnursing.

cfm. Health: Male nurses overtakefemales on career ladder. To attempt toreconcile evidence for and against gender discrimination at different entrypoints on the discipline's continuum seems something of a fool's errand, with reports of the need for and consequences of gender diversity takingsuch disparate points of view.

Leininger (1997) uses the term transcultural nursing to refer to thediscovery of cultural diversity, universality, or commonality of Westernand non-Western peoples that may have an impact on strategies for providingpatient care. Hilton, L.

It is readily apparent, then, that the presence ofboth male and female nurses in the profession may be a salutary feature ofthe future of diverse nursing, the future of an increasingly diversenursing clientele. Simpkin, W. Future directions in transcultural nursing in the21st century. (2 1, May 14). Nurse force diversity to be examined.

It is instructive to note that although the organization wasfounded in 1971, it reports a national membership after 3 years numberingonly 2 (Tranbarger, 2 1). of Labor Women's Bureau. (1998, August 5). International Nursing Review, 44, 19-23.

RNs whose career motives are associatedin popular imagination and their professional literature with "dedicationand desire to provide quality care" (Cullen, 1995, p. Encyclopedia Britannica 2 -2 1, CD-ROM. The Bureau of LaborStatistics reports that as of 1999 women's median weekly earnings were76.5%, with median annual earnings for women working full time coming in at72.2% of men's annual earnings (US Dept.

What this comes down to is an appreciation that social aswell as physical concerns may inform the clinical practices of nurses ifcultural backlash or patient conflict is to be avoided and potentiallycompromise care. Czerwiec, M. (1998, September).

One fact about the female-dominated nursing profession is that it hasbeen regarded principally and programmatically as a support mechanism forhealth-care delivery by those who are health-care professionals, i. e.

,doctors. Hess (2 1) says that as of 1982, when men werefar fewer in the profession, a male nurse was statistically taking in 1.17per week more than a female nurse, i.

e., the male-female difference wasstatistically insignificant as of 1982. This research examines gender diversity in the nursing workplace.

(2 ). Male nurses still face bias. (1996, May). Some patients may be confused about their gender preferenceand/or sexual orientation and may be used to hostile, alienating treatmentin everyday social experiences that they carry into the experience of beinga patient.

(2 1). NurseWeek.

Nursing Times, 95,38-9. The professional literature is dotted with a variety of articles thatdiscuss in one form or another the gender gap in modern American nursing(Poliafico, 1998). Tranbarger, G. Retrieved from the World Wide Web 1 October 2 1,at http://news. bbc.

co. uk/hi/english/health/newsid_146 /146 98.stm. AmericanJournal of Nursing.

Thus nurses are cautioned to be aware of the gender-basedpsychology that may heighten feelings of vulnerability or amplify what maybe sexual confusion. Theplan of the research will be to set forth the context in which diversityhas arisen as a salient feature of the nursing profession and principles ofnursing practice that are relevant to the issue, and then to discuss waysin which diversity of the nursing work force--in particular genderdiversity--has an impact on the substance and form of nursing practice, with a view toward forecasting possible lines of professional development. Grimshaw, R. Male nurses complain of being systematically excluded from someduties, notably ob-gyn rotations, by (female) head nurses (Burtt, 1998).One view of the British case is that male nurses achieved nothing likeprofessional equity with their female counterparts until the 197 s, beinglargely prevented from ob-gyn practice and instead restricted to caring forgeriatric or psychiatric patients (Simpkin, 1998).

(2 ). Nation-state and racial cultures are by no means the only areas ofdiversity. American assembly for men in nursing. Associations Unlimited.

A gender for change. (1999, July 13). Nursing's gender gap. This willinvolve nurses in facilitating rather than diminishing cross-cultural andprofessional objectives and fostering social, clinical, collegial, andmulticultural respect for the profession's traditionally patient-centeredcaregiving perspective. (2 1).

Hess, R. Surprisingly though, most men just want to be accepted asnurses." However, career development within the context of the traditionalprofessional protocols may not be high on the list of male nurses'priorities. Leininger, M. Career Services, School of Nursing, University ofPennsylvania.

Earnings differences betweenwomen and men. (1998, October). From one point of view, then, nursing career options might benefitfrom more male presence, hence greater gender diversity, while nursing high-end salary scales and professional-development options might benefit frommore female presence, hence greater gender diversity. At a time of US culture when social experience isalso front-loaded with identity politics of all manner and shape, thereseems to be a need for nursing professionals to be willing navigatetraining, policy, and administrative territory in creative ways. By the end of the 2 th century, thecomplexion of the profession was overwhelmingly female.

Typically, of course, minority populations are denominated in termsof culture and race. of Labor, 2 ). Nursing Times, 32-3.

When a loved one is dying: families talk aboutnursing care. However, psychiatricnurses, happen to be paid at the higher end of the nurse-salary scale(average 65, 5 annually), while primary care nursing and nurse midwifery--both historically dominated by women--pay an average of 52,8 and42,6 , respectively (Dunne, 2 1).

Detroit: Gale Group. (1998, December 9). References BBC Online Network. McKnight's Long-Term Care News, 2 , 24.

Retrieved from the World Wide Web 1 October 2 1, athttp://www. upenn.

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