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NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS (NGOs). NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS (NGOs).  Term Paper ID:29785 Buy This Paper Essay Subject: Role of NGOs in global healthcare.... 10 Pages / 2250 Words 9 sources, 16 Citations, APA Format 40.00 Paper Abstract: Role of NGOs in global healthcare. Close relationship between NGOs and the United Nations. Four areas in which the U.

N. and NGOs work together. NGO activities and objectives.

Argument of NGOs and U. N. that various political and environmental issues are linked to healthcare issues. NGOs as a diverse group. By-products of NGO activities.

Paper Introduction: INTRODUCTION Charitable organizations have become an integral part of the world political, economic and healthcare environment. Such organizations may be well-known, such as World Vision and United Way, but there are tens of thousands of organizations of which the public is generally unaware. Sometimes, these organizations are funded by governments for the specific purpose of providing aid and relief to other countries. In many cases, however, the organizations are not sponsored by governments but instead work outside the political realm -- or at least that is how they position themselves.

The United Nations, recognizing the important role that these organizations play in today's global environment, has designated them non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and works closely with many of these groups in coordinating and facilitat 5 7-525. In order to show thatthe NGO is a viable entity, it must demonstrate sustained operations for atleast three years as well as demonstrate the ability to continue to sustainoperations. Business often focuses on short-term profitability, and NGOs have historically faced difficulty insustaining projects that require commitment of resources to a singleproject over the long-term (Clark, 1995). Journal of InternationalAffairs, 48, pp. Conclusion NGOs are defined in the charter of the United Nations, and have beenan integral part of the way in which health care issues have been resolvedover the last 6 years.

(2 , September). NGOs can obtain one of three consultative status levels with the UN'sECOSOC; in this capacity, NGOs serve as expert analysts and consultantsworking with the UN as well as with various intergovernmental groups. Sins of the secular missionaries. By-Products of NGO Activities NGOs are not able to predict with certainty the outcome of theiractivities any more than other agencies can forecast the exactramifications of their activities in a region. Recognizing that privateinvestment was having a much greater impact than previously, NGOs began tosee the importance of influencing the private sector.

Medecins Sans Frontieres, which won theNobel peace price in 1999, received 45 percent of its income fromgovernment sources in 1999. After some time, it emerged thateven Greenpeace was forced to admit that Shell's original approach to thesituation would have been preferable to the one that the NGO forced, andthe NGO issued a public apology. The IMF's dialogue with nongovernmentalorganizations. M. However, the damage to Shell's reputationhad been done, and Greenpeace was successful at keeping its own name in thenews media over the course of the event (Kapstein, 2 1).

However, the role of NGOs is changing to that ofindependent participant to one in which NGOs are working closely withgovernments and the very companies they once openly targeted. For example, grassrootsorganizations (GROs, which often evolve into NGOs) helped to uncovercorruption in Maharashtra to the extent that more than 4 officials wereremoved from their posts.

In thesesituations, it is not always clear that the original goals of the NGOs willbe met, or that new NGOs (and more than 3 , now exist) have intereststhat diverge from those of various governments ("Sins," 2 , p. Oxfam, aBritish NGO, received one-quarter of its operating funds from the Britishgovernment in 1998. For example, Greenpeace, one of the most recognized NGOs, protesteda move by Royal Dutch Shell to bury one of its outmoded oil platforms atsea in the early 199 s. 1 8291u9436.

The resultwould be an increase in unemployment, an increase in poverty, and decreasedpublic health levels. Refugees from Rwanda flooded Congo in 1994, andthe international media broadcast the health challenges that faced theserefugees -- overcrowding, lack of food and clean water, and lack of shelterall were issues confronting the NGOs trying to assist the refugees.

However, the opportunity to attract donations because of the internationalattention focused on the situation did not escape some NGOs, and a numberof NGOs lied about the activities in which they were engaged in order toattract additional donations. GreenerManagement International, pp. (1998, Winter). Indeed, provisions for relationsbetween NGOs and the United Nations is defined in Article 71 of the UNcharter as well as in a resolution dating from 1996. There is a close relationship between the various NGOs operatingthroughout the world and the UN.

Working with local or international NGOs providesa way for governments to provide aid that may be in the nation's own self-interest without having a direct association with the programs that mightresult. 1 8147h6461. The NGO must be non-profit and tax-exempt under thelaws of its home nation, and have resources sufficient to assist in thedissemination of information on behalf of the UN. Such organizations may bewell-known, such as World Vision and United Way, but there are tens ofthousands of organizations of which the public is generally unaware.

Sometimes, these organizations are funded by governments for the specificpurpose of providing aid and relief to other countries. In exchange, NGOs propagate the agenda of the UN forincreased globalization and development.

NGOs soaffiliated are invited to weekly briefings on a variety of global issues;speakers at these briefings may be members of the UN staff, delegates frommember states, or other NGO member. New Partnerships with NGOs Increasingly, businesses such as Shell are recognizing that theirparticipation with NGOs needs to move beyond corporate donations, and NGOsare recognizing that corporations can be strong allies in achievingparticular goals. In many cases, however, the organizations are not sponsored by governments but insteadwork outside the political realm -- or at least that is how they positionthemselves.

Kapstein, E. 54-56. (2 2).

New York: United Nations. Population growth leads to deforestation that candeplete resources and increase poverty levels, is one example. Beyond self-regulation. Where brands were once restricted to a single country orregion, some brands (such as Coca-Cola or Shell) are now recognized aroundthe world.

NGOs are not in universal agreement overwhich policies would be beneficial from a public health standpoint, in partbecause NGOs are increasingly a diverse group of organizations that nolonger necessarily support the once-traditional liberal views associatedwith these groups. UNESCOCourier, pp. Fisher, J. Direct aid can be difficult toimplement in some areas of the world, particularly where there is stronganti-Western sentiment. The eagerness with which some NGOs pursue their objectives cansometimes result in achieving ends that are in opposition to their actualgoals.

Inthis way, NGOs that are based on non-government organizations becomeintegral parts of government-sponsored programs to deliver services. Depending on the status (general, special or roster) of the NGO, itsinfluence at the UN can vary from having access to officers from theSecretariat to having significant

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